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Men's Shaving Oil

Men's Shaving Oil

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If you have trouble shaving without skin irritation, you have got to try this product! Native Essence Botanicals all natural cooling Men's Shaving Oil and men's pre shave oil will give you a smooth, close shave while greatly reducing skin irritation and redness. This oil moisturizers as you shave, which means no dryness, tightness or other discomfort associated with harsh soaps and creams. And in contrast to other shaving oils on the market, this oil will not clog up your razor. It rinses clean. Rinse your blade easily as you go and be amazed at how close and smooth a shave you can achieve with this oil. Smells great with antibacterial Tea Tree, Fir and a hint of skin soothing Lavender, while a bit of menthol closes the pores, leaving your face cool and refreshed. 

Directions: Dampen the face with warm water or lay a hot damp towel on the face for a minute or two. Skin should be slightly damp, not dripping. Dispense a few pumps of oil into hands. Apply a thin layer over areas to be shaved and begin to shave normally. Make sure skin is damp enough so that the razor glides easily. If there is too much drag, add a bit more water. Take extra care to shave gently as the smoothness of the oil makes it difficult to feel knicks and cuts. Do not apply too much pressure with the razor as the oil facilitates a closer shave than most soaps and creams. Very little oil is required. When you are finished, rinse the whole face with cool water and apply moisturizer.

As a pre shave treatment: Apply a thin layer of shaving oil to cleansed skin then lay hot or warm, damp washcloth on face for a few minutes. Apply shaving cream or soap and shave normally.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Macadamia Nut Oil*, Castor Oil, Polyglycerol 6 Dioleate (and) Sorbitan Oleate, Polyglyceryl 4 Laurate (and) Dilauryl Citrate, Chamomile Extract*, Calendula Extract*, Menthol, Tea Tree, Fir and Lavender Essential Oils, Vitamin E Oil. *Organic Ingredient

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